Be the Coffee Guy

Photo by Kim Deachul on Unsplash

The silver lining

Despite the risk of impending doom, I found that I really enjoyed these coffee runs, not just because it usually meant a free cuppa (which, in the case of a coffee snob like me, will grant you eternal gratitude) and a 30-minute break from the monotony of all the ticking and bashing, but because arriving with a round of coffee lights up the room like nothing I have experienced before. It was amazing how delivering coffee that I didn’t even pay for could lift the moods of an entire team of people who had been slogging away at their desks in what can be an intensely stressful environment. It was the cue to stop what we were doing and take the chance to chat among ourselves, engage in a bit of banter, and amp ourselves up for Friday’s afternoon’s festivities. You could say that I personally delivered happiness!

Introducing the “Educated Elitists”

Despite my positive experience with being the coffee guy, where I view it as somewhat of a rite of passage, I have since discovered that many people don’t seem to share the same perspective!

Which are you?

A very smart man by the name of Thomas Monson quipped the following:



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Mark 'Addy' Atkinson

Mark 'Addy' Atkinson


Career accountant turned VC imposter. I write for young professionals at and use Medium to talk about what I’m currently learning.